Linnéa Björn, a.k.a BJOERN, grew up in two small villages in the middle of Sweden
where sports and cross country skiing were the natural choises.
Linnéa has always headed for the topwithout any doubts in mind.
But when the skiis were replaced by musicshe found her true calling. 

The new passion took her to the songwriting programme ‘Musikmakarna’, where her first single ‘Why’ was born.
The music became her everything, and got her to open up on a new level, far away from the intricate athlete’s life

Now, Linnéa has devoted herself fully to the music.
The debut single ‘Why was released earlier this year, and caught a lot of attention from journalists both internationally and in Sweden.
Her second single ‘Hold Me’ was released in March, and went straight into rotation on national radio P3. 

The teenage anthem ‘Rocket‘ was released on June 25, together with an episode of her podcast #HEARMETHINK

It’s honesttouching, and captivating beautiful.
BJOERN is a new voice on the Nordic music sky. A voice we will definitely hear more of in 2020.